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“Buy the Good; Sell the Bad; Short the Ugly”

“Buy the Good; Sell the Bad; Short the Ugly”- this sounds obvious to even the most inexperienced trader – but the problem lies in defining which stocks should be labelled as good, bad and ugly. Most importantly Rule #57 addresses the one basic concept you must master to succeed in the market – “identifying risk and […]

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“The Fourth Time Fails”

It was just a quarter-century ago that Wall Street was shaken to its core by the Oct. 19, 1987, stock market crash. In one day, the Dow Jones industrial average lost 23 percent of its value. At the time people wondered if it would heralded in a new Depression. A front page headline in The New York […]

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“Never Drink From the Pool”

Within my “67 Rules For Trading Success” there are several rules that begin with the word “Never”. Rule #28 “Never Drink From the Pool” is an absolute commandment; because nothing can make for a more sick feeling than taking someone’s advice only to see it backfire and cost you big money. Be it my advice […]

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“If Your Head’s Spinning They’re Winning”

Rule #39 “If Your Head’s Spinning; They’re Winning” might be the most appropriate warning I can give you for this week’s trade. After that quick sell-off on Friday afternoon that ended on the lows of the day; worse case we might be set for a fair size gap down open on Monday. If this occurs don’t […]


“Respect The Gap”

I started the write an article about Rule #16 “Respect the Gap” a couple of months ago and half way through it I stopped and realized that I was going to probably confuse more of you than I would help. But having said that; Tuesday and Wednesday’s market open and closing prices have left me no […]

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“Bears Are Fast and Bulls Are Slow”

Rule #35 “Bears are fast and Bulls are slow” might be a good rule to remember this week because a few recent winners may have a decent size pullback before finding better footing and moving higher once again. I’ve always found that tradable selling occurs in quick spurts for strong stocks; so it’s important be […]


“The Charts Precede the News”

Most of my “67 Rules To Successful Stock Trading” are based on finding diamonds in the rough; the overlooked stocks that other traders have given up on or are just too suspect to try. This past Thursday I saw just such an opportunity with ISRG. So much bad news was built into the stock and it […]

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Candlestick Charts and What They Mean

Candlestick patterns are a form of technical analysis and charting used in the stock market, Forex market and all other financial or commodity markets. And they can be used in all time frames, from those looking for long term investments to those who use swing trading or day trading, The power of candlesticks (also called […]

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“Winners Anticipate; Losers React”

– March, 29, 2013 – For many traders in the market ignorance is bliss; but with me; I know what I don’t know; which allows me to stay away from bad trading positions most of the time. Even though a stock may move $20 in a day; I’ve developed a detachment from stock envy to the […]

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